Frequently Asked Questions

What can go in the bin?

Anything can go in the bin except the below:

  • FOOD
What size skip bin do I need?

Please refer to our pictorial bin size page for the bins we supply.  Here you will see the bin dimensions.

For an average household clean-up, we recommend our 6m³ skip bin. This can comfortably fit a three-seater couch. If you are unsure of the size required for your waste, please call us for guidance.

Do you have skip bins with doors?

We have several skip bins available with doors.  Our 2m³ bins are the only size without doors.  A specific request for a skip bin with a door will need to be made when booking.  

How long can I hire the skip bin?

Our hire period is for 7 days; however, we are flexible and accommodating with our timeframes.  Please contact us to discuss your hire period if this should be different. 

When can my skip bin be delivered?

Delivery can be arranged for your timeframe and same day delivery can be accommodated depending on your booking time.

How do I pay for my skip bin?

Payment is required on delivery unless credit has been approved.  EFTPOS facilities are available.  EFT to our bank account can also be arranged.  

How do I order a skip bin?

To book your bin please call 0414 668878 or click on our call button to arrange your delivery. 

Where can I put my skip bin?

It is preferred that your skip bin be placed within your private grounds.  We will position it as close to your project as safely possible. Positioning on the footpath may require you to obtain a permit from your local council prior to bin delivery. 

How full can I fill the skip bin?

All bins have a line advising of the maximum fill height.  Overloaded bins cannot be removed from site.  Further arrangements will need to be made.  Heavy waste materials (concrete, soil, bricks pavers) will require a smaller size bin to ensure maximum weight is not exceeded.

Can I put asbestos in my skip bin?

We are not licensed to transport and dispose of asbestos waste.  You will need to contact a professional licensed asbestos removalist for this task. Any asbestos found in the bin will incur extra charges for disposal, decontamination and clean up along with any fines that maybe incurred.